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01/19/2018 – Story of the Day – Eagle Eye with Wind Gatherers

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Last Friday we had a chance to play Eagle Eye.  This is one of our favorite games!  It is like Hide and Seek in a way, but the seeker stays in one place (the Eagles Nest) and all those hiding must find a spot in the forest where they can see the Eagle with at least one eye.  The Eagle closes her eyes and counts to 40 or so (this alone can be challenging for a 4-6 year old–if it is, an instructor helps), then the Eagle opens her eyes and looks around and sees….nothing but nature all around, no people.  

It is amazing how well these very young children can hide. For a long time. And those that may have been initially fearful last Fall to be alone, or to be still in the forest, are now hidden and completely quiet—and the last ones to be be found.

Becoming comfortable in wild nature is not something that happens quickly for people in our modern world, so it is incredible for us as mentors to witness your children evolving each week, and then growing and deepening in their ability over years.  

Over time, the children also develop their keen capacity to see the subtlest of variance in shape, color, texture, and movement amidst the “wall of green”. This skill helps children connect more deeply with the world around them and is considered is a precursor to tracking, which is one of human’s earliest languages!

Ask your child if they would be willing to play Eagle Eye with YOU this week, between the rain storms. See if you can find them…


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