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01/26/2018 – Bow Drill, Burn Bowls, Salmon Cooking, Oh MY!

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Fire Tenders had quite a village feeling day last wet and rainy Friday. There was a nice feeling of community around our fire, as this time of year marks a feeling of one-ness amongst the group.
We had the opportunity to continue our projects such as Bow Drill , Burn Bowls and spoons, cooking over the fire, and various other carving and cooking methods. Some people even got to learn how to make a medicinal salve with cottonwood ! Others got to learn how to clay-bake a salmon. Oh, and of course the art station! 
While all this was happening we had a couple of breaks for games and parkour training. 
We celebrated the time spent with one of our Fire Tenders as this was her last day at our program before her family moves to a new home. We sent her off with some cottonwood salve, beautiful art done by her fellow mates, a belly full of salmon , and a heart and mind full of lovely memories. We went around the circle at the end of the day reflecting and thinking back to good times and fun highlights which seemed to spark many other moments in our history as a group. We will truly miss her and her family and wish them well on their new venture. 


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