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02/02/2018 – Story of the Day – Small Mammals/Big Hearts with Wind Gatherers

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Last Friday began beneath the cover of our tree protecters! Shielding us from the rain that was threatening to soak us all before our day even began. 
It felt very sweet to bring our minds together in gratitude while circled by the tall ones we know and love so well. And very fitting, as Jane invited us all to share and speak our gratitude for the non human beings who are our ancestors, the ones who have and the ones who still are raising us.
As the fire warmed our bodies and hearts, and our snacks warmed our bellies, we heard a story highlighting the most amazing facts about small mammals! I have never been so interested, curious and in awe of small little mammals before in my life and by the look on the children’s faces, I don’t think they had either.  Just think about it…a tiny little dear mouse isn’t much different from ourselves. They too have hearts pumping warm blood throughout their body, teeny tiny little hearts! Im wondering if they feel love as big as we do?….My guess is that size does not mater 🙂
After story the rain lifted and the woods beckoned for us to adventure. There was bushwhacking and puddle playing, an exploration to find an Osprey nest and deer mouse nest building (just to name a few :)!  Another wonderful day together, held and supported by the land and all of the many plants, animals and creatures who live there. Makes me wonder…will your children one day look back and reflect upon this place and feel as if they were raised by these beings? 


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