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03/02/2018 – Magical Nature with Wind Gatherers

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Spring brings renewed energy and much excitement, as we, like the natural world of which we are members, warm and open after snuggling in for the winter. So it is among the Wind Gatherers! We’ve been together for nearly half a year, and your children are in a new place — with themselves, with each other, and with the beautiful and generous land that is Camp Sealth. We love how they have come to care for each other, helping each other out, and how at home they feel in the forest. 
There’s also a quality to the day emerging that is just magical: as we’ve all grown accustomed to the rhythms of our time and with each other, we’ve entered into something organic. At times  the children or the moment will often suggest something that we have on our lesson plan before we even speak it! Or some event even more amazing comes along, and our plan becomes a springboard. I love when that synchronicity happens, and we can just turn our lesson plan over to nature and to your child’s inquisitive bright nature! This to me is something I experience more and more often with the Wind Gatherers as Spring unfurls.
This past Friday we entered the world of the birds! Did you know that the birds have a language that we can understand? That the birds let us know what is happening in the landscape around us? They act as “on location” news reporters (in fact, even as I type, I hear the strident call of one of my ducks, letting me know that she’s unhappy about some creature that may be prowling — not close, but a little distance away. Cat? The other poultry aren’t alarming so I’don’t think it’s Raccoon!)!  
In Jen and Jane’s society, Jen told a personal story of how listening to the language of the birds led her to discover a prowling creature as well — and more! Does your child recall what the birds said, and how they led her to make discoveries?  
This past Friday was Visit Day, and, in addition to our human visitors (thank you for joining us!) we had a mouse visitor at our fire circle! This mouse scampered about the edges of the circle through our nature news updates and through Jen’s story! You can imagine that our tiny visitor caused quite a lot of excitement! Can your child make the shape of the mouse in their hand? How long was the tail? Was the mouse all one color, or more? And if more, where was the other color(s)? What were the ears like? Can your child become the mouse and show you how Mouse moved and scampered? Some of the kids wonder if our visitor was Jumping Mouse, from the “Jumping Mouse” story we heard before break!
From there we headed out into the world of birds. Turns out that the birds had written a mission for us on a Salal leaf! The first mission was to shapeshift into our favorite birds, and then find a nest-like place where we could sit in a circle. We did so, and ended up at Mossy 6, where we completed our mission by sitting quietly with bird seed in our hand for 5 min. and listening for bird magic. Magic did happen indeed, as that peaceful quiet of Sit Spot descended, and your Wind Gatherers listened and observed and did small things for not 5 but 7 minutes! What was the bird magic your child discovered?
We ended up in Hartmann Meadow with Joanne and Rachel’s society to play a big group game, Jays and Chickadees! Was your child a Jay or a Chickadee? What were the strategies they engaged with to either get and keep their food, or to steal it? 


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