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10/12/18 – Clan Adventures with Fire Tenders

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Our day began with a deep mist hovering within the landscape. The mist slowly burned away, leaving beautiful beams of light dancing through the forest. Much fun was had playing the game Foxtails with Running Horse and some nature mysteries unveiled their secrets at the nature museum with Kwahn. As the sun continued to rise, we came together in gratitude and then dispersed into the wild realms.

Jacqui and her clan sought out and gathered potential material for cordage. Their venture lured them into a moist, sun dappled cedar grove as they explored the North rim of Camp Sealth. Through wander and play they deepened their connections with one another and the land.

Singing Deer’s clan discovered some story magic tucked away in the mysterious area marked as Mossy 6. From there they headed out on a wander, and ended up at the “H” pit, where much fun and projects were enjoyed. Some clan folk challenged their balance by walking a narrow log that spanned the pit, or engaged in some digging. Others headed into the woods and rediscovered a secret place. Yasmin taught how to make cordage, using a pair of bandanas to clearly demonstrate the technique. Cordage creation ensued!

Running Horse and his clan split planks out of a beautiful downed cedar tree using their cherry mallets along with yew wedges! Practicing this ancestral craft, they have begun the process of making bow-drill kits!

Kwahn’s clan went off on a venture into the forest where they marveled in nature’s beauty. Discovering mushrooms, deer tracks, chicken sorcerer beams, and more, they engaged the land through wonder and imagination. Some of us learned how to weave cordage, while others chased and caught crickets. We then practiced the art of storytelling as we did sit spots imagining up stories and then sharing them with one another.

We all came back together as our day began to draw to a close. A group began to circle around Yasmin and Jacqui continuing their cordage journey. Others played a game of hide and seek searching through the forest with Singing Deer. A mouse friend was discovered in the field that had passed. Some gathered together and hosted a beautiful funeral in our furry friends honor.

Our day concluded with an awesome game of Run Rabbit Run, and a song about Wild Ones.


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