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10/12/18 – Community Day with Wind Gatherers

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These last two weeks of Autumn sun, big blue skies, clear starry nights, and incredible fall colors have been truly spectacular.  I hope you have had a chance to sit or stand in the awe and wonder of this season.
Last Friday the Wind Gatherers had a community day!  We divided into choice based groups and got to work connecting with our plant friends and creating delicious foods and colorful art.  One group stayed by the fire to pick huckleberries and make gluten-free, dairy-free, amazing and delicious huckleberry pancakes for the whole group.  They were fantastic and full of juicy berries.
The second group headed to the sunny meadow to experiment with creating colors and paint with plants and berries.  The kids had many inspirations based on their surroundings.  They made yellow from the hairy cat’s ear flowers, green from the sorrel leaves, pink and purple from the huckle and salal berries and of course brown out of soil and mud.  We painted cards and faces, exchanged gifts with the Fire Tenders, and explored the sunny edges together.
This group of Wind Gatherers seems to have a special chemistry that was on display after lunch.  They played and made and created and danced in and out of imaginary worlds together seamlessly.  It was the magical kind of play where kids who didn’t know each other were connecting, forts were being made and friends were welcomed in.  Some were running and running and running while others sat by the fire chatting.  Fairy houses were built and protected by the group.  Poems were written on pieces of wood.  It felt really special and magical to be a part of.


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