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12/08/2017 – Story of the Day – Sneaking Down to the Beach with Fire Tenders

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The day began with mist and fog shrouding the island and excitement building for a journey to the beach! 

In Hartman Meadow a game of Wolf Balls taught students how to dodge, chase, duck, and at times be joyfully hit by flying bandannas. The wolves hunted as deers respawned in a flow of energy that seemed never ending. Off from the game field, some Fire Tenders crafted crowns out of Douglas Fir branches, others inspected spider webs, and a few formed a band that composed songs using only their voices as instruments. 

Called in by a great wolf howl, we met at the fire circle and split into two groups before heading out on the land.

Annika and Ari’s Clans dashed out from camp, moving stealthily as a team. The student skirted the edge of the field, ducking under salal and huckleberries. They dropped their bodies low to the ground, crawling to avoid being detected and pausing to make sure everyone in the group was still together. In a Cedar Grove, students were gifted with a story about how Elk herds move together, aware of when they must blend in and when they must run! Putting the teachings of Elk into practice, the group played a game of Watchtower. In it, students were challenged to sneak up on a “sleeping guard”, tap them on the knee, and run back without being seen. However, when the guard was awake those running must quickly hide themselves under ferns and low lying bushes. 

Ted and Hawk’s Clans also spent their day sneaking. After hearing a fantastic story about a mythical world and the protectors who lived there, they were given a challenge of their own. Moving in pairs, they spread out down the trail and moved slowly trying not to be seen by fellow Fire Tenders. As the students traveled they came to depend on their partner, electing at some points to stay on trail and at other moments to sink completely away into the forest.

Ask your Fire Tender what it was like to move silently today. How did it feel to move without being seen? What was it like to know others might be looking for you?

As both groups descended the trail to the beach, they were rewarded with a beautiful sunny, low tide day! Annika and Ari’s clan stumbled upon a dead mole on the walk down and on the beach plethora of wildlife awaited. In the water harbor seals, a sea lion, and river otters were spotted, and on the rocky shore students discovered sea stars, various species of crabs, and an washed up octopus leg that was still moving! A few long strands of kelp were also found and fashioned into jump ropes and a horn and several great sand castles were constructed on the shore. 

At the end of our day, toes may have been cold but smiles were wide. 

We hope your Fire Tenders had a bountiful time!


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