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12/2/2018 – Story of the Day – Staying Warm with the Fire Tenders

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Last Friday, the rain surprisingly took a break for us which was both unexpected and greatly appreciated. The day in many ways revolved around ways to stay warm both with and without a fire. A great day for this, there were many insights upon this subject.
Exercise, shelter, friction, huddling, were just a few mentioned amongst the groups. Fittingly, these conversations led into ideas of insulation and its benefits. Everybody then in teams created head shelters designed more or less to keep your head dry when water is poured over the shelter with your head in it.  Needless to say, there was a lot at stake here. Funny enough, the only shelter that leaked was the one I put my head under….hmmmm. hahahaha.
We then ventured to find different spots that would promote a successful large shelter building project. Many of the different qualities of a good spot were discussed and explored. Some of them were more interested in their bow drill kits and a coal was even produced during that practice session by a particularly inspired individual.
The next step was to surprise all of the kids with the opportunity to turn the instructors into scarecrows by stuffing leaves in their clothes as insulation in preparation for a scarecrow beauty contest.  It was quite a show considering the exceptional beauty exhibited as leaves and debris oozed from all of our seams. Next, the veggie off took quite a momentum when two people at a time are required to act out a vegetable that is equipped with an adjective.
The walk back up the hill for the story of the day left everyone nice and beat. We shared stories and meandered back to a place of warmth for the night. A day filled with not much more than magnificence to reflect on for the night and potentially many years to come.


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