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02/16/2018 – What did the eagle see at Fire Tenders?

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What a beautiful day on the land we had! If an eagle flying over Camp Sealth had looked down it would have seen many wild and wonderful things!

On Friday, the oldest clan had a sit spot while checking in with the land, the plants, and animals. Is this a good place for a shelter? The natural canopy of hemlock trees clutching the remains of nurse logs certainly seemed so. But what messages do we receive from the woods when we stop and sit and listen?

Maybe we have thoughts occur to us, maybe it feels like it comes from elsewhere. Maybe an animal calls out at an auspicious moment or after a particular comment. And our humanness tends to love that sort of thing. Also, what do we notice with our eyes? What is the history of this land? How fragile is that nursery log? Can it handle foot traffic? Are there any rare species or microclimates nearby? What resources are close by to build with? How much will we impact this space by building and playing and learning here?

The oldest clan took this to heart and made maps and lists, of everything they could put a name to that they could see. And the verdict: yes!

In the exploration and building to follow, so much magic was found. Red capped lichen towers galore, cedar snags, ferns and a beautiful canopy was built.

Under that canopy, we spoke of challenges and each of us took one upon ourselves. Maybe they can be done alone, maybe we’ll need help. Maybe you’ll hear about it. Maybe you won’t and it’s already happening!

Another group of Fire Tenders set out with Hawk to wander and explore. They observed signs of spring such as nettle coming up and new salmonberry shoots. They had a fantastic time doing some parkour training off trail down to the beach and climbed back up the hill in record time, taking in and breathing energy from the trees.

The remaining Fire Tenders were busy at work creating a debris shelter. After traveling about to find a good shelter site with an abundant supply of sticks and leaves, the Fire Tenders began building a skeleton long ridge pole and many rib sticks. With a strong foundation set, they interlaced hemlock wispies and began piling up leaves. The tight debris hut was built to keep three people warm and dry and needed over two feet of leaves to get the job done. The students pulled together to collect all they could while taking moments to notice signs of spring and perch up in a few trees. A few brave Fire Tenders climbed in to endure a “rainstorm”. Over seven water bottles were poured on the debris shelter and not a single head, toe, body, or nose got wet! Many were inspired to continue building shelters and to sleep out at the end of the year!

Other highlights of our day included a hilarious game of Oh no! I’m Poop!, a wonderful story of Rabbit’s Inner Song, and deep questions that were shared so open-heartedly!

We hope your Fire Tender had a expansive day and is now enjoying their mid-winter break adventures!


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