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9/21/18 – First Day of Fire Tenders

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A lovely end-of-summer day welcomed new and re-newed Fire Tenders to Dupar Meadow on our very first Friday of our program year. Perhaps the sun and wind and trees were as glad to experience us on this beautiful land as we were them! At the Nature Museum with Running Horse, Fire Tenders explored obsidian arrowheads and arrows flint knapped and fashioned by Running Horse himself. Kwahn led a lively game of Fox Tails, and Fire Tenders worked with Jacqui to gather wood for our first fire.

Then with smudge, drum, and silent ways, we entered our forest. We shared gratitude and began the magic of getting to know each other! With Running Horse and his bow drill and our intention and song, we kindled our first fire. Running Horse shared a story about how the birds lost their songs. What did they lose that caused this to happen? How did the birds strive to retrieve their songs? And who actually succeeded? What aspect of the story burns on in your Fire Tender’s imagination and heart?

We shared the opportunity to begin creating our culture. What are the agreements we made with one another regarding how we might conduct ourselves as a community? What are some of the mysterious and silly things that we might want to carry on from years past? From here we separated into groups and began our adventures into the land and getting to know it and ourselves better.

Kwahn and Running Horse’s clans embarked on three scout missions, and began the journey of discovering the ways of the Scout. Jacqui and Singing Deer’s groups roamed Fire Tender territory and foraged huckleberries making use of our keen senses. Some of us challenged ourselves with Red Fox balance on narrow fallen branches, and Fox Walking on dry leaves and trying … not … to … make … a … single … sound.

We gathered again to play a rousing, all-community “Capture the Flag,” and completed our day with an exchange of our stories. We are all quite excited and inspired by the Scout missions, and those of us who didn’t pursue those today, are eager to do so soon!

We instructors are looking forward to a year of excitement and discovery with your children as we grow together as Fire Tenders in and with Nature.


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