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9/21/18 – First Day of Wind Gatherers

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What a joy to see Dupar Meadow light up with the smiling faces of our Wind Gatherers last week.  Us instructors have been filled with excitement and anticipation to reconnect as well meet the new children who will make up our special group this year.

We spent the morning getting to know each other a bit then hearing a story from Rachel.  Rachel created this story three or four years ago for the first day of Wind Gatherers and is so special it has become a ritual for the start of our year.  Each year it changes a bit, as stories tend to do, but when she tells it it infuses the group with inspiration, anticipation, and warm hearts. This year the plants of the Wild Wood took center stage as the Fir tree told huckleberry who told salal who told Cedar, and on and on through the plant world… that the children were back.  The ones who sing to plants. The ones to run and laugh and play in the forests and meadows no matter what the weather. The ones who sit by fires and sing together. And right as Rachel said that the plants were waving at us, welcoming us back, the wind puffed a bit and tree limbs and huckleberry branches gave us all a beautiful greeting.  It was magical! What a great way to start the year!

We split into small groups to wander, meet huckleberry and get to know each other.  Then back in the big group we ended the day playing a big game of run rabbit run.

Thank you for sending your children to the Wind Gatherers. It is such a joy to spend time together each week out in the Wild Wood.



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