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10/5/18 – Sky Waters with Fire Tenders

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The waters from the sky arrived and stayed with us most of the day , becoming a layer of our story.
At the Nature Museum with Singing Deer and Yasmin, some explored leaf shapes, leaf arrangements, and the diversity of plant expressions right there where they where. Others played “Bat and Moth” with Linda and Jacqui,  challenging other senses.
 As the sky waters continued we became rivers carrying firewood from the field to the woodsheds. Grateful to have dry wood for the fire. Grateful to have fire for the story, shared by Jacqui of Kwa’iche…Who was the friend they made?  How did this friend help them? and what was that strange noise they heard?…the plot runs deep in the earth.
Clans then wandered on there own, though it seems that the “bone yard”  was either attempted to be found or found without attempting, by all. Also sought after was a down cedar for making planks, but instead a dead cherry showed itself to make mallets for future plank making.  The fire became a lure for those returning from adventures, warming hands, drying clothes, and gathering hearts for song and stories.  The rain draining from the tarp,  forming rivers and pools, became a lure for others.  “Mother carry me, a child I will always be…..carry me down to the sea.”
 Most were rain coated and muddy by the end of the day, with smiles on their face and joyful connection.
 It is wonderful to be with your children in the many expressions of the elements.


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