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Windy Day with the Fire Tenders – April 7, 2017

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So last week, as we always do, the Fire Tenders instructors met to create a brand new unique adventure plan for this past Friday. It was awesome. But I’m not going to tell you anything about it because, as you know, a windstorm came instead, and blew away our plan like a haystack in a hurricane. When we met you all at the parking lot we had no more idea what our day would look like than anyone else!

We gathered at the top with a song written with love to this land, “Mm-mm Gaia, mm-mm Gaia, Rain on the wind, and I am waking…” And it felt very true.
Down at the bottom of one hill and the top of another, Manon told us a scary story. Scary, but somehow comforting as well! She told us of a protector that had protected the entire peninsula that is Seward Park from logging, ensuring that that one old growth forest would live on in the heart of the city. This protector we realized had also come to Maury Marine Park to protect this land that needed lots of healing from its days as a gravel mine. This protector is a plant! We learned what it looks like (it’s a shape-shifter, so it’s actually rather difficult to explain, but mittens seemed to be an important image), what it does when it gets on your skin, and what to do if it does. We also learned that one of the things it is protecting is one of the only madrona forests in the world that is right there on the hillside!
Our gratitude circle included many things that were present that morning – the wind, the sea, the protector – poison oak, the wind, that that park was being protected, the madronas, that we get to come together every week.
While we snacked on our booty from Crinkle Town, some super naturalist nerds gave nature riddles of Amazing True Facts! One of these was a bird that can dive 300 feet, but can’t fly off a lake that’s too small! 
Soon we could resist the call of the surf no longer and dashed down the hill, only to come to a screeching halt at the edge of a gravelly area. Another hazard lay ahead of us: the silly amazingly camouflaged bird that nests in the pebbly rocks, lays eggs that look like rocks, and protects its nest by flying away from it! Gingerly, carefully, we tiptoed across the danger zone, listening for the tell-tale cry, “kill-deer! kill-deer! kill-deer!”
And the magnificent roaring foam-trimmed wind-whipped Salish sea lay before us! The Fire Tenders got right to work enjoying the blustery day at the beach. Some built or augmented driftwood forts, some put their rain jackets over their heads and tried to morph into human kites, some explored the minutia of things to be found underfoot – rocks, glass, tube worm casings, shells and other treasures.
The adage that you can have enough of a good thing came true, and soon it was time to head inland for lunch and a break from the wind. An ant-hill was found, ants were tasted, lessons in respect were learned.
We ended this glorious day with a newly invented, or rather tweaked version of Otter Steals Fish atop the hill from the morning. 
Hope your windy day was as fun as ours!


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