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Guilds with the Fire Tenders – May 5, 2017

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As the awesome thunder storm that electrified the lands around the Salish Sea last night graced the land with its final gentle drizzle, the Fire Tenders returned to Camp Sealth for day two of our spring guilds.

Of course, first we shared stories together of our observations of nature this past week including many stories of said storm. There were also reports of increased chicken egg laying and farm activity, baby animals, and an eyewitness report of 29 GBH (great blue herons) lined up like fishermen on along one streambank!

The Archers began with an awareness game of Scout Sword or, as it was renamed in the spot, Samurai and Ninjas. Using the intuition (aka the Force) along with all the usual senses, Ninjas tried to penetrate the defenses of the blindfolded Samurai, who was armed with only a pool noodle.  To get to their archery range the archers took a familiar trail, but traveled it with senses awakened to the wind, their bodies, the voices of the birds and the possibility of hidden deer. Then the arrows flew.

The Scouts headed into the woods and must’ve been struck by a shapeshifting spell because not only did their bodies morph into the shapes of animals as they traversed a dangerous maze of lasers, but their voices changed too! Soon there were Australians, Brits, Russians, and people from who knows where!

The Sit Spot group which could also be known as the Nature Appreciators, the Deep Listeners, or Those Who Move With the Land, took in the exquisite beauty of a pair of Aminita pantherinas, before taking on the challenge to return to Paradise Meadow (their special place from last week) by a different route using only trails (animal or people) and not being seen. Moving across the landscape deep in appreciation with quiet minds and gentle bodies, they became part of their environment and were rewarded (as Nature will do) with special treats – a cougar scrape, a deer rub, and a bard owl.

As usual, we Fire Tenders staff have great appreciation and gratitude for the land that we call Camp Sealth and the creatures that live there and the great gift that being in nature with your children is.


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