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Ecology and Community with the Wind Gatherers – May 5, 2017

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Last Friday we celebrated our connections of ecology and community! We began with a favorite song, “Wood Stone,” and learned a third verse, which was created by one of our Wind Gatherer families a couple of years ago. Then we dove into an all-Wind Gatherer game of “Fire in the Forest” in which we got to choose our favorite animal to be, and then had to move like your creature when we heard something that described our us in some way (such as, “if you have scales, run across” or “if you eat other animals run across”). What animal did your child choose, and what were the characteristics that signaled to your child that it was time to move?
We then separated into societies to have our own adventures. If your child is a Newt, you’ll have to discover from them what happened out in the woods! The Dragonflies heard a story acted out by Jane’s clan. Mother Nature was out enjoying the morning. One by one she met up with a Fisherman, Mosquito, and Frog. Each one was enjoying the morning too, and delighting on various delicacies — the Fisherman was looking forward to catching frogs for a frog leg dinner, the mosquito to some delicious human fare, frog was looking forward to a meal of mosquitoes. But each one also had a complaint, suggesting to Mother Nature that the world might be a better place if it didn’t have a particular creature in it. The Fisherman requested there be no more mosquitoes, the mosquito that there be no more frogs, the frog that there would be no more humans … 
What does your child think? Would the world be a better place without certain creatures? Which other creatures might disagree, and what might happen if the more “unpleasant” creatures no longer existed?
Next, several of the Dragonflies were blindfolded and the rest serves as guides, as we walked to the logging road to look for frog eggs or tadpoles in the vernal ponds. From there, Jane’s clan bushwhacked to a further pond, and then hid. Joanne’s clan found them! Then most of the kids bushwhacked further in, discovering a hidden area they named Funland. Fun was certainly had by all!
Back at Mossy 6, some of Joanne’s clan observed (and heard!) an Osprey pair building a nest, other kids became Raccoons, and other adventure ensued.
We look forward to more springtime fun with your children!


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