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Magical Adventures with the Newts – May 12, 2017

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Last Friday, like all Fridays, was full of special moments with the kids and wonderful unexpected gifts from the natural world surrounding us at Camp Sealth. 
We began the day in a large group gratitude circle while we remembered our Nature Names from the beginning of the year.  I was surprised by how many kids could recall their creature, plant or mushroom name!  Ask them if they remember!
The newts then headed out of Dupar Meadow by forming one giant blindfolded caterpillar.  It was challenging and bonding to work together to move as one without sight.  Many took turns leading the group and expressed that they moved slowly and carefully to protect one another from falling or tripping.  Great! 
Then Jen told a story about a funny dream she had about a King Red Admiral Butterfly who was sick and needed help from all of his creature friends.  Luckily, a yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly lead the effort to find and harvest the magic pollen, dig a whole through the center of the earth, come out the other side, slide down a rainbow and deliver the magic healing pollen to the King to save him and all of the butterflies around the world.  Phew!  
We continued our day in a large grove of cedar trees to avoid the rain and transformed into our nature names and into ninjas.  Finally, as we returned to Dupar Meadow we were greeted by a beautiful music circle of Dragonflies welcoming us into our story of the day.  


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