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10/20/17: Story of the Day – Salmon Celebration with Wind Gatherers

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Last Friday we gathered together in celebration and in honoring for the Salmon and their return. The first salmon was spotted in Judd Creak just a week or two ago!
We sang songs for the salmon, heard a story about honoring the Salmon People and played a salmon game giving everyone the opportunity to embody a salmon of their choice. We learned the names of the different salmon using clues from our 5 fingers. Ask your child. They may remember some or all of them!
We even had a salmon feast! Some children ventured off to gather plants and berries for our forest tea, while others stayed and helped cook a salmon over the fire and make salmon art. 
We all gathered in the sun to feast on our lunch, share salmon and drink forest tea…It all felt very special.
Thanks again to your children for another really fun day!   
And….to you wonderful parents for giving them the opportunity to come and play, adventure, discover and learn with us! We are so grateful.


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