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10/27/17: Story Of the Day – Grandparents Day

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Thank you so much to all the grandparents who joined us last Friday on the beautiful sunny Friday at Camp Sealth. What a rare and awesome way to spend the day with the grandchildren– expressing gratitude together in a big circle (it is so inspiring to hear the things the four to six year olds are grateful for AND the grandparents as well), sitting around a fire and listening to a story, playing an animal guessing game in a big beautiful meadow surrounded by trees, eating lunch in the sunny meadow as we listened to the grandparents tales of animal encounters.  Grandparents Day is not only FUN but very nourishing for all of us.

For those of you who weren’t able to send a grandparent or special friend last week, just know that every year we will offer this special day right around October 31, the time of year we celebrate Ancestors.  We consider the Elders of our community to be one of our most valuable resources.


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