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12/02/2017 – Story of the Day – Saying Goodbye to Fall with Wind Gatherers

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What a great day we had out there in the forest on Friday.  The new smells and bird calls of a changing season were evident as the huckleberries are finally starting to fade, the moss and mushrooms are coming alive with all the rain, and maple and alder trees have all let go of their leaves for the year.  It is a special time of year to spend the day outside.  
We are learning and thinking and appreciating the gifts of the trees so we started our day by pretending to turn into different tress, learning their different shapes and being grateful for the gifts of the trees.  The children offered their gratitudes as well ending with one young boy saying “I’m just always grateful for everything.”  That warms my heart!  
Jen and Jane’s group ventured out to the outer fire circle called Peek a Boo on a new trail for our group.  We found many many mushrooms and madrone berries along the trail.  The children are still enjoying the last of the huckleberries and we are slow travelers as we enjoy the abundance of berries at Camp Sealth.  It is truly a great huckleberry year.  
Tonight is the full moon and is going to be a Super Moon- appearing larger on the horizon as the moon rises.  Jen told a story from Japan about the reason behind the rabbit shadow in the moon.  The moon wondered which creature on earth was the most generous so she went to earth disguised as an old woman to find out.  The animals were all kind and generous to her but the rabbit offered her a special gift that no other animal could.  The moon rewarded rabbit by taking him up to the sky with her so all of the beings on earth would remember his generosity.  Does your Wind Gatherer remember the gift?  
Games were played and animals nests were built as we spent the rest of the day exploring new places.  The rain began to fall at the end of the day as we made our way back to Dupar meadow to find our friends in the other group.  Linda asked the kids to silently act out what they had done that day.  It was fantastic to see the what the kids chose to express!  
Thanks for sending your kids out to the woods on Fridays!  


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