GiveBIG! on May 10th!

Give the Gift of Nature. GiveBIG to VWP.

At this critical time in our modern world, we want to give people of all ages the support and skills to understand and appreciate nature, to build community, and to grow their own self-awareness and connection with the more-than-human world we all share. The skills they learn here will serve our collective future.

Your GiveBIG Guide

(1) Mark your calendar for May 10th.

(2) Visit VWP’s GiveBIG webpage at the Seattle Foundation and make your donation online on May 10th between midnight and midnight (Pacific Daylight Time):

(3) Make it easy – schedule your donation to VWP now. Simply go to our profile page and enter your pledge amount.

Thanks to VWP’s Board of Directors, the first $1500 in donations will be matched!

Our future needs humans grounded in empathy, peace, ecological wisdom, and problem-solving skills that build connections with the more-than-human world we all share. Help us create a future we all feel good about.

Please give as generously as you can. Thank you!