Participant Quotes

“We went hiking with our daughter last week and were blown away… At one point she ran ahead of us and we came around a bend to find her crouched so quietly by the river watching a pair of Mergansers. She was there for so long and was so mesmerized by them, she didn’t move a muscle. She has always loved nature and birds in particular. She loves gathering knowledge about critters and plants and observing it all, but after a few months with (VWP) it feels like it has reached her on a deeper, almost spiritual level. The absolute peace that surrounded her watching those birds literally stopped us in our tracks.” ~ Mary and Dennis, parents of a Wind Gatherer (Vashon)

“…we are just so excited about what you have to offer…to form a cornerstone of our homeschool plan.” ~ Parent of a Wind Gatherer (West Seattle)

“The program has given our son a lot of confidence and expanded his love for nature. We go for hikes in our little West Seattle green spaces most weekends now, with him leading the charge!” ~ Gretchen, parent of a Wind Gatherer (West Seattle)

“My son enjoys spending the day outside with instructors that have fun and are full of love for both nature and humanity. He has especially loved learning survival skills–how to start a fire, how to handle a knife, how to build a shelter. But as a parent, I feel like the most important skill he is getting through this program is the gift of awareness–how to stop, listen, observe, and be still. While this might not be something my son would point out as a highlight, to me it seems the best survival skill of all. Because, through cultivating his awareness, he has not only discovered more about nature, he has also started to discover his inner self–how to listen within, how to get to his core and sit with it. This is something the standard school experience is not designed to provide. But it is an anchor that we all need to get through life and I am grateful there is a community of teachers paying attention to it.” ~ Bianca, parent of a Fire Tender

“To have a forest be my son’s classroom and adults who learn from students as much as they teach, is a rare gift. VWP provides us with the balance our son needed between his traditional school education and the learning one can only do in the imaginative wild of nature.” ~ Yvonne, parent of a Fire Tender

“VWP has been a wonderful experience for my son. The instructors nurture his innate curiosity about nature while inviting him into new ways of exploring the world around him. They have also welcomed Oliver’s grandpa as an elder; an experience that enriches both of their lives!” ~ Wendy, parent of a Fire Tender

“I believe that VWP plays a very important role in connecting my 5-year-old son with nature. The groups are small and I feel the teachers foster extraordinary moments of learning and understanding.” ~ Audrey, parent of a Wind Gatherer

“The program greatly exceeded my expectations!” ~ Georgie, parent of a Saturday monthly program participant