Small Ways to Give Big

Small things, like saving Thriftway receipts and shopping at PCC can help us in a big way.

Thriftway Receipts


Vashon Wilderness Program benefits from the generosity of our local Thriftway supermarket which gives 1% of your shopping receipt total as a donation to our program.  Please collect, sign and phone number your receipts and turn them in at drop-off to an instructor. Here’s a tip: sign and write your phone number on the back of your receipt immediately at the checkout stand and place the receipt in an envelope in your car. They will be ready to hand over at drop off.

PCC Cards

This program allows families to purchase their local PCC cards through VWP as a fundraising program. We buy these cards at a discounted rate and then you can purchase them for their face value through us. The difference is a donation to  VWP. When you revalue your card at PCC, we continue to receive 5% of the card’s value.  This opportunity makes your family’s regular shopping a way to raise money for our program with very little effort. Please contact us to purchase a card.


Regardless of the size of your gift, your participation makes a difference! When combined with donations from other parents, friends, and other supporters, your gift provides substantial support the Vashon Wilderness Program. Donate now and give the gift of nature to children.