Ages 3-6

Check out our school-year programs and summer camps for our youngest Earth stewards. 


School Year Programs


Farm & Forest  

  • Our new program for 3-6 year olds!
  • All the goodness of our renowned deep nature connection mentoring sweetly tailored to nurture even younger children.
  • This program takes place on a working farm surrounded by forests where children experience the daily and seasonal rhythms of nature in a variety of ecosystems – both cultivated and wild. 
  • Meets on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:00am – 1:00 pm throughout the school year.
  • 2019-2020 Tuition is $4,150 for 33 weeks of class. Scholarship assistance is available.

Wind Gatherers 

  • Meets on Fridays from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm throughout the school year.
  • 2019-2020 Tuition is $2,075 for 33 weeks of class. Scholarship assistance is available.
  • 2019-2020 is full. Join our Wait List .

Woodland Ways 

  • Just like our popular weekly Wind Gatherer program, meeting just once per month.
  • Meets on the 2nd Saturday, October-May, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.
  • 2019-2020 Tuition is $550 for 8 sessions. Scholarship assistance is available.
  • 2019-2020 is full. Join our Wait List .

Coyote Kids for 5-8 year olds

  • Meets on Late Start Thursdays from 9:00am-11:15am at Chautauqua Elementary School Campus.
  • 2019-2020 Tuition is $495 for all 13 sessions.  Scholarship assistance is available.

Our programs for 3-6 year olds are place-based, nature immersion programs that nourish a child’s deep relationship between the natural world, themselves, and each other. We offer young children a learning community that engages the whole child, body and mind. In this way, children come to feel at home with their own inner nature and that of the earth. Our mentors offer compassionate care and guidance, as they celebrate each child’s unique gifts, foster their growing self-reliance, and cultivate community among these young earth stewards. Throughout the year, and flowing with the seasons, our curriculum offers explorations that are engaging, safe and fun. The land informs our explorations which draw from:

  • nature walks and the art of wandering
  • safety in nature
  • sensory awareness
  • animal care, animal forms, mammal tracking
  • plants, gardening, and growing food
  • trees and their gifts of survival
  • birds and their sounds
  • daily and seasonal rhythms
  • space, time, and the four directions
  • knowledge of place and local heritage/history
  • stories, song, movement, imaginative play, nature art
  • natural communities living in peace

What Our Day Looks Like

Our programs for 3-6 year olds maintain a low child:mentor ratio with one instructor per 6 or 7 children. We also may be accompanied by teen or adult volunteers. Our day begins with nature-based games and outdoor activities/chores, with quiet options for children who prefer a gentle start to their day. Opening Circle follows and includes giving thanks, songs and movement. Storytelling and snack take place at our special fire circle, either in the woods or under shelter. The group then may set off for an adventure to explore the woodland trails or beaches, engage in a project, or experience a guided wandering. Games, awareness skills, improvisational play, movement, songs, scavenger hunts, journaling, and more help us to explore the theme of the day. As Nature is our first teacher, our day can often unfold in many unforeseen ways! Lunch happens on the trail or back at our fire circle. We conclude our day with Story of the Day, an opportunity to reflect upon our day and share through words, songs, movement or funny skits.

Enrollment Information

Nuts and bolts on Payments, Cancellations, Scholarships, and more.

Thank you to our Land Partners!

Thank you to our partners who are helping us get more kids outside and connected with nature, community, and themselves!



Tuition Assistance

Vashon Wilderness Program offers tuition scholarships for our school-year programs. Learn more about our scholarship assistance.

In addition, your homeschooled child (age 5+) may be eligible to receive valuable tuition assistance that can be applied toward costs at Vashon Wilderness Program. More details.



Summer Camp

Visit our Summer Camp page to see what we are offering this summer!