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Bird Language with the Fire Tenders – Story of the Day – March 15th

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What a day of interesting behaviors and sounds!

We started off with some humans making nests. I wonder what the secret ingredients were?  Others were “only safe” from a running horse if?  Then Raven came to let us know about all the chitter chatter in bird land. Who was that Raven anyway?  And before we knew it, the forest was filled with Jays robbing nests and other birds banding together to scare the Jays away, and a troll like creature that counted in it’s sleep.  Hopefully they didn’t scare our special visiting guests away.   Whew.

Lunch time found us clumped in the meadow sunshine, in-groups that shifted and blended with the conversations.  These groups then re-arranged into clans that shifted from making noises to inviting the sounds of the birds around.  Some walked exactly in the steps of those in front of them, with nary a sound. Some studied the sound pattern of a percussive bird. How would you make that sound? Many sat still for a long time and heard the bird conversation change from noisy warnings to gentle chatter and songs.  I wonder whose songs they heard, and what birds they actually saw? Were they a long ways away? Or within reach?

I also wonder what it would feel like to be a song in the throat of a tiny bird that makes its way out, dancing into a big sound that travels across field and forest?  Or what it feels like to be a child stepping out from their home/nest into that field and forest?


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