Spring Feast & Bizarre Bazaar


Welcome to VWP’s Annual Spring Feast and Bizarre Bazaar

A magical evening of community celebration

to share a spring-inspired potluck meal

and enjoy this poignant opportunity to let go and receive.

Spring Feast:  As the earth renews herself, we give thanks for the new life in all of its forms – nourishing food, medicine, new generations being born, and beauty abound.  What if we could make a wish for the future, a wish for all that is vital to continue to thrive for generations to come?  Our Spring Feast is a celebration of this promise.  We invite you to bring a potluck dish to share that is inspired by spring – perhaps it contains food you harvested, or flowers that you gently picked; perhaps it is a dish that carries a tradition in your family for this time of year.  We welcome your creative imaginings!

Bizarre Bazaar:  Imagine a time where people traded what was needed to nourish their bodies, to make things of beauty, and to deepen culture -food, art, clothing, materials, and more.

Our Bizarre Bazaar is just that sort of evening.  We encourage you to bring hand-made soaps, canning projects, baskets, skulls, pelts, feathers, carvings, field guides, outdoor clothing and equipment, outdoor tools, services, baked goods, commissioned art, a story, a song, and anything else that is in the spirit of our nature based inspirations.  As a family you will lay out your treasures on your blanket and have a chance to trade amongst your extended community.


    • DATE/TIME:   April 26th from 4-7pm
    • LOCATION:     Dupar Meadow, at Camp Sealth. 
      • a spring-inspired dish with ingredients labeled
      • plates and utensils for your family (please help conserve resources!)
      • natural items for trading
    • blanket for displaying your wares
    • 4:00  arrive
    • 4:15  opening circle
    • 4:20  silent market trading
    • 5:30  feasting
    • 7:00  closing circle