Earth Walker Teen Wilderness Program

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What does it mean to belong? Do you feel connected to the world around you? What does it mean to be connected?  Have you ever felt like your life was out of balance, pulled in too many directions or on too much of one thing? Do you crave adventure? Do you seek quiet and peace, a break from your busy daily life? What do you really want out of your life? How can you slow down and start to listen?

Welcome to Earth Walkers!

Here, we ask questions like these, and more. As we adventure out into the wilder places of Pacific Northwest, we push our boundaries, and begin to look within ourselves.

We get to spend all day – and night, too – outside, in nature.  

We play games, gather edible food, craft tools and traps with knives. We sing songs, we laugh, we make fire with only a knife, and tell stories of our own adventures and of those who came before us. We climb trees and build our own shelters and sleep in them.  We wake to hear the birds and the beauty of their dawn chorus. We explore wild places, creating our own trails and navigating through the briars and brush without maps or compasses. As we crawl through the woods, we find tracks of animals we can’t see, and in following their trails, discover a path in life.

We create community together based on trust.  

We create a safe place to speak out, where we share our ideas, our deepest fears, and our wildest dreams. We are supported by our mentors and each other. We feel safe and relaxed here. From the strong base of this community, we are able to push our edges and explore our boundaries.

We go outside and find ourselves.

We take what we learn here about ourselves, community and the natural world, and integrate it into our daily lives.  We bring a sense of adventure, and also a sense of quiet stillness, as we contemplate and question the world around us, and the direction of our lives.

Come play, laugh, question, learn, get dirty and experience the world around you and within you.

Be an Earth Walker!


Earth Walkers is VWP’s offering specifically for teens ages 13-17.

We meet once a month from October through May.

Based on the seasons, the group will experience a mix of relaxation time to unwind from life’s pressures, epic adventures and skill-building.

You’ll deepen community connections, have fun and push edges through activities and games, learn and grow through creative expression and self examination, and develop deeper awareness and practical hands on relationships with the natural world.

Our mentors will co-create each weekend with you, while having a general focus, such as:

  • friction fire
  • fire building and tending
  • primitive cooking
  • wildcrafting
  • tracking through animal sign and bird language
  • advanced carving skills
  • bushcraft
  • traditional skills (i.e., basketry, plant dyes)
  • expressive arts (i.e., music making, visual arts, movement)

During our time together, we will practice team building skills, have solitary time, and deep discussions on life, as well as laugh and grow together. You will have time for writing, reading, and wandering the forest getting to better know yourself and the earth. There will be storytelling, wild games, and nights filled with laughter as well as connection.

Our intention is to create a safe space for you to just be yourself, to have a ton of fun, to experience the tight bonds of community, and to co-create an epic adventure.

Our mentors come ready to fully meet you right where you are, with compassion, acceptance, and a bit of mischief to challenge and support you to grow beyond who you think you might be, and into the person you are becoming. Join us!


  • meets 1st weekend each month from October – May
  • October and May will each be a 2-night trip to the mountains or coast (Friday 7pm-Sunday 3pm)
  • November – April will each be a 6-hour day program intensive on Vashon Island


Bios and pics coming soon!


The 2018-2019 tuition is $1,200; scholarships are available.

Enroll:   2018-2019 Earth Walker Enrollment Form coming soon

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