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Visit Days & Wait Lists

Our weekly and monthly school year programs are very popular and fill quickly, typically by May for the following program year. In order to get on our wait list, you must first attend a Visit Day. These happen in March and April and give us both a great opportunity to connect and ensure that we are a good fit!

To ensure a spot at one of our Visit Days, you need to sign up on our Visit Day form. This link is published on our website around February of each year, and can be found on the individual program pages.  Once you have visited, your child is automatically transferred to our wait list. If spots become available, we will be in touch with you. There is typically a 3-5 day window to register before we offer the spot to the next family on our wait list.

You may also join our wait list without visiting; however, priority enrollment is given to those who have already attended a Visit Day.


Since our inception, we have provided financial assistance through our Scholarship Fund. These limited scholarship resources are available to help families who would otherwise not be able to enroll their child(ren). We believe that individual families are capable of evaluating their own need of financial support, and do not require families to prove this need.

To apply for assistance, complete the Scholarship Request Form included in enrollment forms for each year-round weekly or monthly program.  (We are unable to award scholarships for Summer Camp at this time.) The maximum scholarship considered is 50% of tuition for each enrolling youth. We ask all families to carefully consider their need in light of our limited resources.

Please note:  Submission of a scholarship request form does NOT automatically register you for a program or reserve a space in that program. Please first submit your request along with a completed enrollment forms and your deposit.  You will receive your award by email and have two weeks to call/email to accept or to decline. Should your award be less than you need to enroll, your deposit will be refunded minus a $50 administrative fee.

Supporting Scholarships:

A huge thanks to all of our supporters who make these scholarships possible!! Learn more about creating scholarships for our students.

In order to provide scholarships to our students, we rely on the generous support of our donors. We have awarded over $181,000 in scholarships since our inception, and we’ve never turned anyone away due to economic barriers. Be a part of that legacy and please consider a tax-deductible contribution to support future scholarships.

Tuition Assistance for Homeschoolers!

Your homeschooled child (age 5+) can receive valuable tuition assistance that can be applied toward costs at Vashon Wilderness Program. More details.


All deposits are non-refundable.


For school-year weekly programs:

    • Quarterly payments are due on the 1st of August, October, December and March.  Our payment plan does not mean that enrollment is on a quarter by quarter basis. Enrollment requires a commitment to the entire school year.
    • Mail quarterly payments to VWP, P.O. Box 712, Vashon WA 98070. Hand-delivered tuition payments will not be accepted.

For monthly/special programs:  deposit upon registration + August 1st balance due

For summer camp programs:  full payment due upon registration

Late Payments

We have a five-day grace period, including the due date. After this grace period, there is a $25 charge for late tuition payments.

Each time a payment is late, the late fee needs to be paid; and each time a payment contract is made and then changed, the late fee applies.

For school-year weekly programs:

    • Should your payment extend past 20 days, we reserve the right to ask that your child not attend any classes until payment is made.
    • Payment must be made, or plan to pay must be worked out, within 30 days of payment due date or VWP will consider the student “de-enrolled.”
    • Current year’s program tuition must be paid in full no later than March 31st in order to be able to re-enroll in the next year’s program.


For school-year weekly programs:

  • In the event that a student withdraws from the program before the end of the year, tuition through the current quarter will be retained.

For monthly and other school-year programs, if you cancel, or leave a course for any reason:

    • 15 or more days prior to the course starting date; you are entitled to a full refund, minus the deposit.
    • Between 8 and 14 days prior to the course starting date, VWP will retain 50 percent of the course tuition.
    • Fewer than 8 days prior to the course starting date and once the course has begun, there will be no refunds.

If VWP cancels a program before it gets started, VWP will refund the full tuition.

For summer camp, if you cancel, or leave a course for any reason:

    • 30 days or more prior to the camp start date: full refund minus a $50 admin fee
    • 16-29 days prior to the camp start date: 50%  refund
    • 15 days or less prior to the camp start date and once the course has begun: no refund

Severe weather: In the case of severe weather (ice storm, blizzard, etc.) we will do our best to hold class, perhaps at an alternate location if possible. If class is cancelled due to severe weather, we are not able to make up that day, and refunds will not be given for these cancellations.


If you transfer from one program to another:

    • 15 or more days prior to the course starting date – no additional charges. Tuition is fully transferable.
    • 14 days or less prior to the course starting date, regular cancellation and refund charges will apply.

Scholarship requests are non-transferable and a new request would need to be submitted with the transfer.

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