Farm & Forest Program

Welcome to Farm & Forest, VWP’s newest program for 3-6 year olds!

Our Curriculum

Children in our Farm & Forest Program get to have incredible experiences immersed in nature while making deep connections with themselves, their community, and the land. Through daily and seasonal core routines, awareness games and activities, storytelling, and play, children will rest into the rhythm of nature and grow a sense of wonder, comfort, vitality, and peace.

To be immersed in healthy rhythms and healthy ways – in relationship with nature – is to grow as a child as we are all designed to be grown: raised by nature.

Throughout the seasons, and in all weather, we’ll offer some of our best practices as children:

  • mindfully steward relationship with the plants and animals of the farm
  • grow and maintain the rich and healthy life of the soil
  • enjoy food that grows from their efforts
  • cultivate connections with the trees, birds, bugs, and mammals that dwell among the fields and forest surrounding the farm
  • observe, listen, be with, and share gratitude
  • develop common sense, curiosity, compassion, and respect for all beings

Our mentors will draw from our renowned 8 Shields curriculum, which weaves together:

  • Nature Awareness and Knowledge of Place
  • Mammals and the Art of Tracking
  • Plants, Trees, and Ecological Principles
  • Landscape Navigation and the Art of Wandering
  • Survival & Wilderness Living Skills
  • Birding and Bird Language
  • Local Natural History and Heritage
  • Community Awareness and Stewardship

What the Day Looks Like

This program meets twice a week, on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Each program day begins with a choice to join an enlivening awareness game or farm chore, or a quieter, focused experience with our nature museum and field guides. Opening Circle, singing, and gratitude then brings the whole group together. Wandering, exploration, or focused activities based on the seasons follow. The end of our day brings the whole group back together to share stories of inspiration, learning, and fun.

Farm & Forest Mentors

Our program is staffed by seasoned VWP mentors, trained in our renowned approach to nature connection called Coyote Mentoring. Other volunteers may be present to help out.

All staff are CPR/First Aid certified and must pass a background check.

Farm & Forest Parents

Time and again, we see that once kids begin down a path of deep nature connection, their transformation is palpable. They will come home excited to share stories with you of their experiences, and they might introduce you to ways of being in nature that are unfamiliar. How can you nurture their love of nature beyond our program time?

We’ve got you covered!

Free Training – VWP offers free training to all parents whose children are enrolled in any of our weekly, monthly, family, or special school programs so that you, too, can learn some of our powerful, heart-centered, time-tested tools for natural learning and growth. Check out our course: Coyote Mentoring: Raising Nature-Smart Kids in a Modern World.

Your Own Nature Connection Experiences – Want to deepen your own nature connection skills? VWP offers workshops for grow-ups: Consider enrolling in one or more of our Adult Workshops.

Nature Connected Community – As a Farm & Forest family you’ll be a part of a larger community of VWP families who value nature-rooted, harmonious living. Each season, we gather to celebrate our connections with each other and the Earth. We welcome you to join us for any of our free community events.


  • Dates: We meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays from September – June (33 weeks).
  • Time: 9:00am-1:00pm
  • Location: Plum Forest Farm and surrounding forests
  • Cost: 2019-2020 Tuition is $4,150 ($350 deposit plus $380/month).
  • Ages: 3-6; children must be age 3 and potty trained by September 1st