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Lady Spring – March 22 – Story of the Day – Wind Gatherers

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It feels so good to have the rain pants and boots off, and feel the warm sun on our backs and faces at Camp Sealth.  We experienced a TRULY Spring day last Friday. 
In the sunshine we listened to a story of Lady Spring arriving from the west, after the full moon set, on the evening of the equinox. Blowing in across the Salish Sea and onto the shore of Vashon Island at Camp Sealth, she waves her arms over the land and dandelions pop up.  Further east she walks in her flowing gown, and as she waves her arms the daisies, nettle, and Swamp Lanterns all arise ready to greet her and to grow.  This continues all across the island and Oso Berry, Snow Berry, and more spring alive. Ask your child, where does Lady Spring head to after walking across Vashon Island?
We then hiked to the beach moving for the first time down a steep hill through tall, old Cedars and enormous Big Leaf Maples.  The birds were singing and very lively in those woods! The children found pure joy and some challenge in getting down the steep hill.
Finally arriving at the beach we had time to play in the sand near a freshwater stream entering the sea.  A seal came by and popped up her head to see what we were up to…
It was a magical day.  


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