Mission + Vision + Values

Our Mission

Vashon Wilderness Program provides nature immersion experiences that cultivate a deep relationship between self, community and the natural world.

Our Vision

Our teachings nourish the growth of a community devoted to sharing the gifts of compassionate connection, belonging, and harmonious living, thereby contributing to a local culture in which individuals experience themselves as integral to the natural world, and richly woven into the place we all call home.

Our Values

We walk our talk!  To both nurture and sustain our community, VWP conducts business and educates students rooted in a set of core values.  That means from the Board of Directors to our program staff, from our curriculum to our community building, everyone and everything we do flows from these essential principles:

Peacemeaking (North)
In all our interactions, we strive to begin with thanksgiving, to cultivate peace in ourselves, to appreciate what others share, and to communicate honestly and clearly. When we act through peace and appreciation, we make choices with the strength of unity for the good of our communities.

Vitality (East)
Connecting with nature awakens a health and vitality that helps us discover our own gifts and talents. We inspire and motivate each other to uncover our passions and unique learning styles; we appreciate and nurture individual’s gifts.  When we embody our passionate aliveness we create healthy, joyful communities.

Balanced Work and Play (South)
We use “Coyote Mentoring” and “The Eight Shields Model” to engage people in place-based education to deepen their relationship with nature. We maintain a low student to teacher ratio to facilitate individual mentoring. Our curriculum reflects a dynamic blend of structured and spontaneous learning and is primarily experiential with weavings of direct teaching and the art of asking good questions. By asking skillful questions, we empower students to find their own answers.  Our days are balanced to allow for inspiration, motivation, focused work, integration/reflection, and sharing/celebration.  When we embody a strong work ethic and a healthy balance of work and play, we nourish a community of future leaders who will foster sustainability for both humanity and the earth.

Community (West)
We nurture an ever-deepening awareness of the vital interdependence of nature, community, and self. With this awareness, we learn to honor and appreciate the richness that a diversity of life experiences, ideas, backgrounds, and gifts bring to the whole community. We encourage genuine relationships, work-life balance, service to community, and living in rhythm with nature.  When we appreciate both the diversity and the interconnectedness of our human and more-than-human world, we embody natural communities living in peace.

Read Our Values In Action to learn more about what this means for your child enrolled in one of our programs.