Nature Retreats

Welcome! Our retreats are designed to deepen your connection with yourself, community, and nature. 

We welcome all sincere students regardless of how they identify. Please contact us with any questions.

Gifts of Summer: Celebrating Body/Earth

Gather with other women in a sacred circle as we open our senses to the delights of the land, source our body’s wisdom, and awaken our ancient relationship with plant intelligence. With the land overflowing in summer’s abundance, we’ll enjoy a truly nourishing experience, in which we cultivate deeper joy, harmony, and well-being for ourselves and with the Earth.

      • Body Intelligence. Learn a somatic movement practice to experience your body from the inside out. Enliven conscious connection with sensation and begin to weave the living wisdom of your cells with the intelligence of life around you. Experience a sense of peace and well-being in the present moment.
      • Plant Intelligence. Engage with Rose, Yarrow, and other plants in the fullness of their life cycle with all your senses activated. Learn to attune to the green beings and interpret their “language.” Discover what these plant allies reveal about your timeless connection to your inner self and the landscape.
      • Plant Craft. Learn a protocol and practice for engaging with a plant and their essential nature to create a vibrant and more potent food and medicine. Harvest a plant for making a plant spirit extract, and co-create with the plants as our imagination and the season suggests.
      • Solo Time in Nature. Cultivate a simple practice for “being” in nature, with all your senses activated.
    • Ceremony, Story, and Song. Create sacred circle and enliven your authentic voice through nature-based story and song.

DATE: June 29th

TIME: 10am-4pm

LOCATION: We gather at a beautiful wild location on Vashon Island, just a short ferry ride from Seattle, Tacoma, and Kitsap. More details will be sent prior to the retreat.

COST: $115, includes a $25 materials fee.

ENROLL: Space is limited to 10 participants. ENROLL NOW


Jane Valencia loves to share the healing magic of the plant world with those who are curious to work with these green beings. An instructor and cultural mentor with the Vashon Wilderness Program, Jane is a returning presenter at this fall’s Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference. She is a graduate of the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine’s Herbal Immersion Program, and a current student of Aviva Romm, MD’s Herbal Medicine for Women program. Jane is honored to study with Cherokee Medicine elder Nunutsi Otterson, and to be a humble student of Lushootseed, the language of the Puget Sound Salish people and Vashon’s original tongue. Always, she learns from the wise and diverse more-than-human world within and around us, and from our human family, young through old. Visit her website at

Stacey Hinden has been mentoring people of all ages to connect with their essential nature for joyful, creative and authentic living for the past 30 years. She grew up in the dance studio and on new York City stages, and was a teaching and performing artist for over 20 years. She later turned to movement as a healing art and earned her certificate as a practitioner of Body-Mind Centering® and an international registration as a Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist. She is passionate about exploring inner and outer ecology, and guiding others on transformational journeys  through private practice and as a women’s workshop and retreat facilitator. She lives on Vashon with her family and joyfully serves as Vashon Wilderness Program’s Executive and Program Director. Learn more about Stacey’s somatic work at: