Nature Connection Workshops for Women by Women

Eight workshops carefully crafted to awaken and empower your connection with yourself, the Earth, and each other. 

We welcome all sincere students regardless of how they identify. Please contact us with any questions.

WILDCRAFT (wild food) 

  • learn how to invite new pathways to living more harmoniously with nature and each other
  • learn to identify wild plants that are safe to eat
  • cultivate an ethical, safe, and honoring relationship with plants
  • learn to prepare and cook wild foods

Your Guide: Rachel Sursely was born and raised in the northwest by the waters, mountains, desert, and tall conifer forests and is inspired by all things of earthly magic. She is a graduate of the Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Outdoor program and mentors the  4-6 year olds in our weekly and monthly programs; this marks her 5th year with VWP. Rachel spends much of her time studying herbalism and is currently enrolled in the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine’s Herbal Immersion Program. She believes passionately that interacting with plants as food and medicine deepens and supports our relationships to the earth, our ancestors, our communities and to our ever changing, whole sacred selves. Rachel lives on Vashon Island with her family, and finds her joy as a mother, forager and medicine maker. She loves learning and teaching others about wild food and the endless gifts that plant world has to offer.

DATE: May 18th

TIME: 10am-4pm

COST: $80 + $15 materials fee

ENROLL: Nature Survival Skills

LOCATION: All workshops take place on beautiful Vashon Island, just a short ferry ride from Seattle, Tacoma, and Kitsap. Location details will be sent prior to each meet-up.

“To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separated from.”

~ Terry Tempest Williams

Past Workshops

Oct 20 – FIRE  

  • create your own bow drill kit and receive coaching to birth your first coal
  • learn fire construction and tending
  • use various methods and materials to create a fire with confidence and ease

Nov 17 – SHELTER

  • acquire experiential knowledge of trees and survival uses
  • learn the 5 key siting considerations for a survival hut
  • learn various construction methods
  • build your own waterproof debris shelter

Dec 15- CARVING 

  • seed intentions for this group
  • learn techniques to safely carve with a woodcarving knife
  • work with Ocean Spray to carve double pointed knitting needles or a sewing needle or eating sticks/hair sticks
  • visit a bulrush stand and learn about the life cycle of this invaluable plant

Jan 19 – BASKETRY 

  • learn traditional basket-making techniques
  • weave a small bulrush basket 
  • hear stories of the connection between weaving and our ancestors


  • learn to use a leather aul
  • craft a pouch made from leather 
  • weave an ancestor item into your pouch
  • share song and story and deepen community 

Mar 16 – WILDCRAFT (plant medicine) 

  • collect and harvest cottonwood buds
  • learn about tinctures
  • learn about healing properties of cottonwood resin and its uses among humans and bees
  • create an infusion 
  • make a tincture via a folk medicine way 
  • take home a handout to make honey-infused medicine at home
  • closing circle


  • learn to distinguish the five common voices of bird language
  • learn to bird by ear
  • hike through 3 different ecosystems (1.5-2 miles) to practice listening skills
  • identify the shapes of alarm
  • practice bird mapping techniques
  • learn powerful sensory awareness practices to slow down
  • practice activities to engage your whole body in a natural setting