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12/2/2018 – Story of the Day – Staying Warm with the Fire Tenders

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Last Friday, the rain surprisingly took a break for us which was both unexpected and greatly appreciated. The day in many ways revolved around ways to stay warm both with and without a fire. A great day for this, there were many insights upon this subject.
Exercise, shelter, friction, huddling, were just a few mentioned amongst the groups. Fittingly, these conversations led into ideas of insulation and its benefits. Everybody then in teams created head shelters designed more or less to keep your head dry when water is poured over the shelter with your head in it.  Needless to say, there was a lot at stake here. Funny enough, the only shelter that leaked was the one I put my head under….hmmmm. hahahaha.
We then ventured to find different spots that would promote a successful large shelter building project. Many of the different qualities of a good spot were discussed and explored. Some of them were more interested in their bow drill kits and a coal was even produced during that practice session by a particularly inspired individual.
The next step was to surprise all of the kids with the opportunity to turn the instructors into scarecrows by stuffing leaves in their clothes as insulation in preparation for a scarecrow beauty contest.  It was quite a show considering the exceptional beauty exhibited as leaves and debris oozed from all of our seams. Next, the veggie off took quite a momentum when two people at a time are required to act out a vegetable that is equipped with an adjective.
The walk back up the hill for the story of the day left everyone nice and beat. We shared stories and meandered back to a place of warmth for the night. A day filled with not much more than magnificence to reflect on for the night and potentially many years to come.

10/2/18 – Mushrooms Galore with Wind Gatherers

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Last week at Camp Sealth we explored the wonders of mushrooms in the forest.  It is amazing how connected children are to mushrooms.  Have you noticed?  They are truly passionate about them and SO good at finding even the tiniest varieties.
Wandering the land in our clans we found mushrooms that were purple, one that we called “Mac and Cheese mushroom” (actually turned out to be Cauliflower Mushroom according to our book–really!), Elfin Saddle, and so many more that we couldn’t identify. We found gilled, non-gilled and Polypore mushrooms.
We also learned a joke..Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he was a Fun Guy. Get it?
The rain is just starting to come down this Autumn, so we are hoping for more mushrooms ahead in our wanders. If you would like a fun guidebook to use with your child look for All That the Rain Promises and More by David Arora.

10/26/18 – Grandparent Day with the Fire Tenders

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The rain diminished to welcome visiting grandparents and elders for our annual Grandparents Day. We gathered around a fire with the Wind Gatherers and their and our visiting elders as a whole community. We received the opportunity to listen to the hearts of our elders in our Gratitude circle. Then Kwahn shared the history of the bow drill, that it is a form of firemaking that comes from the people of this land, a fire-making technology designed to work within Cascadia’s challenging climate of heavy moisture and rain. With embers kindled from Running Horse and Kwahn working their bow drills, we sang fire into life.

Stacey then related origin tales from VWP’s own heritage as a nature-immersion program. Where and who were the elders in the stories we heard of Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown Jr., and Jon Young, and what was the meaning of the turtle on the string? What roles did the elders play in the tales? 

From there, we Fire Tenders broke into guilds for the day. 

Kwahn’s guild went on the adventure of deepening their relationship with fire.

Together they learned about the Fire Triangle, different Fire Structures, and the different types of food Fire likes to eat. Even in the wetness of the PNW they were able to get two fires going!

Jacqui guided a group in be-friending Trees. Beginning with the blindfold activity, “Meet a Tree,” they sought a tree friend to get to know. They engaged in making bark rubbings and printing, which met with wet challenge.

Running Horse and his group made cordage, using nettle and flax, and learning about other possible materials from which one can make cordage. They learned how to splice fibers to make longer rope, and how to break nettle to remove the pith to get the fibers out.

Singing Deer led a group in learning the language of plants by way of our senses, especially of taste. What happens in our  mouths and bodies and when we experience certain tastes (sour, bitter, pungent …) and what do those sensations tell us about how a plant helps or nourishes us? After browsing various plants the group prepared an amazing evergreen huckleberry-laden Forest tea.

We regrouped in community to play an epic game of Nest Robbers (also known as Jays and Songbirds/Chickadees). Much life-and-death drama followed as songbirds struggled to bring food to their nests and to protect it from Jays. A Pygmy Owl swooped in to try to catch both Jays and Chickadees before they dove into hiding. No creature was safe anywhere from Bobcat, and Beautiful Music restored life to the fallen. What happened in the final part of the game when all these creatures were present, and only bird language could be spoken? What was your child’s experience as predators were added to the game?

Our day concluded with stories from our day and a final opportunity to hear from our visiting grandparents and elders. Elders offer love, grounding, wisdom and depth, and so much more to family and community. We are deeply grateful to have shared our day with our visitors!

10/12/18 – Clan Adventures with Fire Tenders

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Our day began with a deep mist hovering within the landscape. The mist slowly burned away, leaving beautiful beams of light dancing through the forest. Much fun was had playing the game Foxtails with Running Horse and some nature mysteries unveiled their secrets at the nature museum with Kwahn. As the sun continued to rise, we came together in gratitude and then dispersed into the wild realms.

Jacqui and her clan sought out and gathered potential material for cordage. Their venture lured them into a moist, sun dappled cedar grove as they explored the North rim of Camp Sealth. Through wander and play they deepened their connections with one another and the land.

Singing Deer’s clan discovered some story magic tucked away in the mysterious area marked as Mossy 6. From there they headed out on a wander, and ended up at the “H” pit, where much fun and projects were enjoyed. Some clan folk challenged their balance by walking a narrow log that spanned the pit, or engaged in some digging. Others headed into the woods and rediscovered a secret place. Yasmin taught how to make cordage, using a pair of bandanas to clearly demonstrate the technique. Cordage creation ensued!

Running Horse and his clan split planks out of a beautiful downed cedar tree using their cherry mallets along with yew wedges! Practicing this ancestral craft, they have begun the process of making bow-drill kits!

Kwahn’s clan went off on a venture into the forest where they marveled in nature’s beauty. Discovering mushrooms, deer tracks, chicken sorcerer beams, and more, they engaged the land through wonder and imagination. Some of us learned how to weave cordage, while others chased and caught crickets. We then practiced the art of storytelling as we did sit spots imagining up stories and then sharing them with one another.

We all came back together as our day began to draw to a close. A group began to circle around Yasmin and Jacqui continuing their cordage journey. Others played a game of hide and seek searching through the forest with Singing Deer. A mouse friend was discovered in the field that had passed. Some gathered together and hosted a beautiful funeral in our furry friends honor.

Our day concluded with an awesome game of Run Rabbit Run, and a song about Wild Ones.