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Renewal, by Jane Valencia

Have you ever written a holiday letter, made a New Year’s resolution, or shared about yourself and your family at a holiday party? If so, then you have engaged at least in a small way in a process of renewal that our human family has likely enjoyed since its beginning.  

Sharing stories of the year with one another – the struggles and blessings, catching up on the latest regarding our personal “medicine” (the things we love and that matter to us, expression of our gifts), family news and adventures – and finishing with hope, gratitude, and celebration, are all ways in which we renew ourselves and strengthen our connection with one another during the dark of the year. When we consider the presence of Nature and Mystery in our journeys, we touch into the true depth of who we are as individuals and as essential members of rings of community that start at our own inner creative fire and our home, and widen to include the nature around us and ultimately planet earth and all that is.

Here are a few questions to inspire you to deepen your own process of renewal (known as“Renewal of Creative Path” in our nature awareness community). You might share them with your life partner, a close friend, your family, or even ask them at the next holiday gathering you attend. Consider taking time in nature (how about five minutes at your Sit Spot?) before answering them for yourself. Opening our senses to nature relaxes our minds and brings peace to our hearts, providing ripe terrain for insights and new ways of thinking.

  • What is one of the most amazing or wondrous experiences I had this year? How does that experience give me hope for the New Year?  What synchronicity was involved? How was Nature part of that experience?
  • What is one of the most fun nature experiences I shared with my family in the past year? In what way did each family member “come alive” in the experience? How was Nature herself “at play”?
  • How does my family as a whole and individually naturally nourish the health and well-being of our community? How does our community nourish us in turn? How does Nature nourish us?

This season, may you enjoy peace and renewal at your creative, home, and community fires!



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