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Shelters with Wind Gatherers – Story of the Day January 11th, 2019

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We began our day with a story about shelters. I shared with the group my first  experience making a shelter and sleeping in it over night with many a group of my class mates. How we worked all day like squirrels, learned tons, and kept our spirits up and the fire burning all night, as the ground froze and jack frost came to sparkle up the forest. How wonderfully fun it would be to build our own shelter for us all to sit under in these winter months, however we learned that shelters need A LOT of insulation to keep the rain and weather out, and the best way to make insulation is with the leaves fallen from maple trees. There are a lot of them and they can be pilled high and weighed down by larger branches to make a very effective roof 🙂 Alas we spend most of our time amongst the gentle evergreen giants, and so the children had the opportunity to build shelters for small creatures, like faeries and bugs and fir cone people.  I am always in awe of what they create…little works of art, I couldn’t dream up if I tried!
Wishes for delightful surprises, curious nature mysteries, and much connection with all of the living world.


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