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Story of the Day – Grandparent Day with the Wind Gatherers – October 30th

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This last Friday was our Grandparent day!  It was quite a energetic blustery day with a wild playful energy in the air. We all gathered under the shelter and started a fire with the help of the beautiful voices of your children and their grandparents and parents singing our fire song.
Jen transformed herself into an Irish ancestor and told us all a story about a boy who went to live and learn from a wise man how to help is people and how in the end he gained the wisdom from the Great Salmon of Knowledge by mistakenly eating a small part of it’s body. Because of this the boy became the keeper of the knowledge and was able to help his people. It was Magic to all who was there!!! Such an awesome story and so wonderfully told!
After the story we broke into our clans and went on adventures that were near by and out of the swaying trees. There were salamander hunts, leaf pile jumping and face painting just to name a few. Some of our grandparents and children learned how to play a favorite game, Fox Tails.
What color was the salamander that your child might have seen? How many toes does one have? Where is the best place to look for our salamander friends?


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