Bodacious Botanical Bash – WILD 2019 Fundraiser – Volunteer Job Descriptions

Thank you for helping make WILD 2019 a success!


Silent Auction Team

If you’ve got an eye for organization and detail, and a knack for customer service, these jobs are for you:

Set up (before event): Help Event Producer organize and set out items and their displays.

Time commitment: Sat March 9th, 10:00am to 1:00pm


Staff (during event): Help keep our auction tables running smoothly, coordinate with data entry when bidding closes, and help people locate their items once they have checked out and paid.

Time commitment: Sat March 9th, 4:30pm to 9:30pm



Sweet Treat Trot 

Do you love to set up for a party?

Set up (before event): Help receive and set up desserts on decorated tables. Place bid cards on each dinner table.

Time commitment: Sat March 9th, 1pm to 3:30pm



Bid Recorders

Put your everyday math skills to good use and watch the numbers roll in for nature connection!

During event: Collect Wine, Sweet Treat Trot, and Donor Bid Cards from each table when directed. You’ll need to do quick tallies and pass sheets along to data entry folks. 

Time commitment: Sat March 9th, 4:30pm-8:30pm (also check in with event producer before/at beginning of event)



Botanical Beauties

Do you love to work a room? Are you excited to help others dive into the realm of their senses?

You’ll circulate among the crowd during the first 2 hours of the event while folks are mingling, having cocktails, and bidding on silent auction items. You’ll offer wild edible tastes to guests, encourage them to get a mini-massage with botanical oils from our professional on site, and more. We’ll give you any materials and directions to make this a fun experience for our guests. Dressing up is required!

Time commitment: Sat March 9th, 4:30pm to 7:30pm



Bar Assistant

Be a part of the good vibes for the evening and keep the flow going!

This position will not serve or handle alcohol, but will support the licensed bartenders to keep the drinks flowing and the space organized and clean.

Time commitment: Sat March 9th, 4:30pm to 8:30pm



Decorations & Event Set Up – Day Before/Day Of Event

Like to make a space look inviting? Get your Feng Shui on and help us transform the space!

Help set up venue for the event and decorate space under the direction of our Event Producer. Decorate space, set up bars, tables, etc.. 

Time commitment: Friday March 8th, 7pm – 10pm or

Saturday March 9th, any 2 hours between 10am – 3pm.



Clean Up

Not the most glamorous job but the most appreciated! For all of you behind the scenes kings and queens!

Day after event. Help take down decorations, gather linens and sort, break down tables, help load rented equipment to be returned, take out trash, vacuum, etc.. You get it!

Time commitment: Sunday March 10th, 9am to 12pm