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Wind Gatherers – Story of the Day – May 25, 2018

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What a sweet and musical spring day! Rhythm and music abounded as In the morning your children heard an Aztec tale about how music came to the earth, and discovered rhythm and melody in the sticks and stones around us and from within ourselves. 
The older clans spent part of their morning with the youngest Fire Tender clan, and after playing “Meet a Tree” together, got to ask what it is like to be a Fire Tender. From there, the Deer and Coyote clans sneaked and hid their way to where the rest of the Wind Gatherers were. During one game a child discovered a mouse beside him, and there the mouse stayed the entire minutes the child was hiding!
Meanwhile, the younger clans — Bear and Red Fox — gathered sticks and decorated them. One child and visiting dad even made a harp! In the meadow a time of music and merriment followed, with some Wind Gatherers following the sound of a flute hidden in the woods, and many others harvesting Salmonberries (still yellow and very sour, but that didn’t stop the kids!).

At the end of the day the forest was filled with shouts of delight from your children. We discovered that mysterious forest visitors had descended on Mr Toads Crossy Roads. Beautiful nature art, and sweet messages,including: “You are Loved” greeted us. We finished the day with a rockin’ jam!
It’s hard to believe that our program year is almost finished. We do so love our time with these kiddos!


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