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Dreamy Outside Days with the Wind Gatherers – May 19, 2017

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Last Friday was a dream! The sun was warm and bright and there was an all around feeling of gratitude and freedom.
After we gathered for our morning gratitude circle we separated into our societies. The Dragonflies headed on to Mr. Toads Crossy Roads for snack and story, while the Rough Skinned Newts headed over across the field to meet up with the youngest Fire Tender clan! The end of our year is approaching and a few of our Wind Gatherers will be moving up next year. Everyone sat together for snack and listened to first hand stories of what goes on at Fire Tenders. After that, they enjoyed the activity of “Meet a Tree” wherein a Fire Tender and Wind Gatherer paired up together taking turns being blindfolded and leading each other to a tree. There, they had time to use their other senses to get to know their tree. When they returned to where they started, the blindfolds were removed and they went to find their tree. It was a great success! And it was wonderful to witness the warmth and kindness that the Fire Tenders shared. The Wind Gatherer children seemed to feel very welcomed and comfortable. Soon it was time to go, so good bye’s where exchanged and we were off to meet up with the Dragonflies in Hartman Meadow for lunch and a big exciting game!
The Meadow was beautiful scene, full of tall grass and your children exploring in that timeless, easeful and dreamy way. Shoes off, hiding in the grass, sneaking and watching bugs crawl. It felt like we could have stayed in those moments all day. But hungry bellies beckoned and by the time we had all refueled ourselves it was time to play….Capture The Flag!!!!
This game is not the easiest to play, and can be complicated to understand for those young children, but they totally got it and seemed to really enjoy it – so much so that they all begged to play it again! 
Lovely Day, lovely Sun and lovely Children! 


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