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10/27/17: Story of the Day – The Fire Tenders are On Fire with a Passion for Learning

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What a beautiful day we had at Fire Tenders, and also a fabulous turnout of Grandparents! Many joined us for all or part of the day and it was wonderful to have their presence and their stories. 
Long ago we all lived in cultures that were fully immersed in and depended directly on the land that we lived on. This direct connection led to an almost unfathomable knowledge of the plants, animals, birds, weather, seasons – everything about the particular part natural world that we lived in, in order to be safe and thrive. This knowledge was guarded and nurtured and passed down from generation to generation, the elders honored for the great wealth they carried. We now need to give a lot of our attention to our modern world in order to be safe and thrive, but at Fire Tenders we are lucky to have the opportunity to also give our attention to the natural world and learn from and connect to the landscape we live in.
To see what we’ve already internalized in a few areas, we had some stations which challenged us to demonstrate our knowledge and skills and gave us opportunities to grow and learn. We had a fire making station, a plant knowledge station, a mammals and tracking station, and a navigation and mapping station.
What did your Fire Tender discover that they already know well?? What holes did they discover in their knowledge? What was their favorite station, or least favorite! What did they learn and did they go deeper with anything that they were already familiar with?
We will have the opportunity to go deeper in the coming weeks depending on what our passions are, whether we found out that we can’t make a fire as well as we thought and want to be able to build a rager from a tiny spark, or whether we found that we actually have a knack for mapping or a love of animals and want more more more!
What are your passions? Where are your lacks? How can you be a learner every day in this vast fascinating diverse world we live in?


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