Storytelling Festival

StoryFest - Steffon Moody
Welcome to 11th VWP’s Annual Storytelling Festival!


Storytelling is inseparable from human life.  For generations, we have been telling story – be it around a fire to convey lessons for survival; at the dinner table to relay a funny happening from our day; in line at the grocery store to share a recent discovery; or snuggling up in the dark night to whisper a bedtime tale of wonder.  We all love stories.  Especially those conveyed with words that tug at our senses.  When we “listen” with our ears, eyes, nose and skin, we not only stir our imagination, but activate our body’s unconscious yearning to transform the pedantic and take flight into sensuous realms of magic, myth and hero.  


In the heart of winter, hundreds of people from Vashon and beyond gather around our proverbial fire to share in the ancient and powerful tradition of oral storytelling.


January 27th, 2018 @ 2:30pm

doors open at 2:00pm

arrive early, buy concessions,

sign up for our 1-Minute Story-thon,

and settle in with family & friends

Vashon High School Theater, Vashon Island

Packed with incredible stories for and by the community,

plus audience participation, including a 1-minute Story-thon, story improv games, and more.












Paul Che oke’ ten Wagner                                                                        Allison Cox

Coast Salish Storyteller and Native American Flutist                               internationally known storyteller and                                                                                                                                           founder of the Healing Story Alliance


Don’t miss this wonderful, family-friendly event!