Summer Camps

Welcome to your home for Summer FUN!



Summer Camp Offerings for 2018 will be posted in January!  

Below is a list of sample camps, just so you can get excited for summer!

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AGES 4-6

WG and tree

Woodland Ways: Nature Mystery Camp

Ages 4-6; 9:30am-1:30pm

$250/week or $480/2 weeks


The natural world holds many wonders and surprises, if only one knows how to find them. We will learn the quiet, mysterious ways of the forest to become invisible, follow the hidden trails of our animal friends, create forest feasts, construct ephemeral shelters, and more. Be prepared to discover nature’s secrets in this fun-filled week of adventure.  




AGES 7-10



Greenwood Secrets: Herbal Magic Camp for Girls

Ages 7-10; 9am-3pm; $295*

The plants have special messages for you, and the trees speak of a mysterious mission. Come enter the hidden world of the greenwood! In this farm and forest adventure we’ll learn the secret language of plants and discover their healing power. We’ll make fairy feasts, forest folk remedies, flower essences, and more.  Come discover the magic of the herbal world around us and our unique relationship with these green beings!  (* Sign up for another week of camp for your 7-10 year old and pay only $570 for both weeks.) 





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Forest Dwellers: Nature Adventure Camp

Ages 7-10; 9am-3pm

$295/week or $570/2 weeks*

The lore of the land tells us that people living in harmony with nature hold the key to wonder, magic, peace, survival, and adventure! Join us for a fun-filled week as we play games to tune up our senses, track and solve real mysteries of the forest, forage for our own food and medicine, practice ancient earth-based skills, experience group challenges, get muddy, adventure off-trail, hear stories, sing songs, spark our imaginations and so much more! (* Discount applies when you sign up for two weeks of the same camp, or mix and match with another camp for 7-10 year olds.)


AGES 10-12

summer 2014

Pathfinder’s Apprentice: Day Camp

Ages 10-12; 9am-3pm; $295

Join us for a fun-filled week as we build primitive shelters, harvest food and make medicine from the plants, adventure off-trail, learn to stay found, tune-up our senses, hear stories, sing songs, spark our imaginations and so much more!



Chloe - camo

Questing Coyotes: Overnight Camp

Ages 10-12; 9am Monday – 12pm Friday; $765

This week your mission will be to discover the ancient ways of the scout! To prepare for your journey, you will receive training in Coyote Medicine – the art of invisibility, tracking animals, understanding the language of the birds, acute sensory awareness, and storytelling. Along the way you will be challenged to maintain the Mind of a Scout, and develop peacekeeping leadership skills. Be prepared to see the world with new eyes, ears, and heart, as we spend a week of epic nature connection together!

This camp is for mature 10-12 year olds looking to develop serious nature skills while co-creating healthy community with peers and mentors. Limited t0 10 participants.



Family Camp

Teen Summer Expedition


We look forward to summer adventures with you!